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3-Things Friday - 30 years

Long time no 3-TF. Good to be back. Have a good weekend :)
3-Things Friday - 30 years
By Rupert • Issue #41 • View online
Long time no 3-TF. Good to be back. Have a good weekend :)

30 years
Three weeks ago I turned 30. When you turn 30, people - mostly in their 20s - sometimes ask you the following question: “And… what’s changed?” Obviously nothing significant changes just because of a specific point in time, but 30 still is a good reminder that time for us is limited. There is a new sense of urgency that I can certainly feel. Also, the perception of time changes as we age. When I was a child, one day felt like what now would be two or three days. Prisoners describe days getting longer and longer towards the end of their sentence. Living in a big city means we have less subjective time - the perceived time is shorter. Maybe that’s a subconscious reason why people move to the countryside when they’re older. Meditation also has a significant influence on the perception of time: The world slows down as we are less lost in thought and more aware of every moment. What I try to remember every day going forward for the next 30 years: We can’t stop time, but we can change our relationship to it by being more in the present moment.
New York: Same same
I’ve spent a week in July in New York with the family and it was good to see that deep down I’m still a guy who comes from a small town in Germany: Still easily impressed by American skyscrapers, consumerism, storytelling, portions big enough for an entire family, strange obsession with guns, optimism, …
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