3-Things Friday

Hi All!Here comes your weekly dose of 3-Things Friday.Have a great weekend!Rupert
3-Things Friday
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Hi All!
Here comes your weekly dose of 3-Things Friday.
Have a great weekend!

Song of the week
Welcome 2 Berlin - Iamnobodi (Spotfiy)
Video of the week
Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain 
A short 6 part series produced by TechCrunch explaining all you need to know about Bitcoin and Blockchain. You can already watch the first three parts (7 minutes each).
Podcast episode of the week
Freakonomics Radio - This Is Your Brain on Podcasts (45 min)
“So, if you think about your desktop computer, if you have an Atari 64, you could try to run OS X on it. It wouldn’t work very well. You could maybe hack on the OS X long enough for a few years and get it to limp along on an Atari 64, but it would not behave well. We have in some sense a worse situation, because we have an Atari 64 computer in our head, but it’s running Atari 64 software. We’re just trying to use it to solve modern problems.”

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3-Things Friday

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