3-Things Friday - "Better Together"

Hey Everyone,"Better Together" - we are social beings and therefore need the company of others to liv
3-Things Friday - "Better Together"
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Hey Everyone,
“Better Together” - we are social beings and therefore need the company of others to live (a good life). Isn’t is strange then that a third of the population chooses to live alone in single households instead of sharing space with others? 
This week’s article deals with that phenomenon and explains communal living which makes us return to some very ancient forms of living (better) together. It’s one of my favorite topics these days.
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What I’m listening to
“Follow Me” - Red Astaire (Spotfiy; 5 Min)
Podcast episode of the week
“Realizing Our Undefended and Awakened Heart…” - Tara Brach (65 Min)
This is a talk I highly recommend for those of you who are interested in Buddhism and its insights on the human mind and our everyday struggles. For quite a while I have been a big fan of Tara Brach’s podcast which includes talks as well as guided meditations.
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