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3-Things Friday - Changing the world

3-Things Friday - Changing the world
By Rupert • Issue #26 • View online

1. Changing the world
I always wanted to rant about people who want to ‘change the world’. Voilà: As many of you know, I have been involved with the startup scene for a number of years. People join this world for all sorts of reasons: money, work culture, trying to be cool, startups as the new counterculture, impact, etc. One of the prevailing drivers for people comes in the form of this sentence: “I want to change the world”. I have three problems with this: 1. The world changes itself in every moment. I am not required in this process. 2. The world, as from our perception, doesn’t need more change. It needs to be fixed (mostly from the acts of other humans who tried to change the world). It also needs to be left alone more often. It needs to be shaped in accordance with all living beings. 3. 'I’ can’t change shit. Change is rarely something one does alone. Viewing the statement from that perspective, one can see how narcissistic it is.
'Changing the world’ doesn’t even say whether it’s positive or negative change. It’s aim is: Let’s change things (or even disrupt). Once you exchange the word with 'shape’, 'fix’, 'design’, 'destroy’ or 'build’, the sentence doesn’t make sense any more. It needs to be qualified further. What is it that you want to fix? How do you want to design? Why do you want to destroy?
'Changing the world’ doesn’t mean anything any more. It has been overused. People who really want to make change are more specific.
2. Selo green coffee
I have backed selo’s crowdfunding campaign this week. The drink tastes great, has a cool story and the team is from Berlin. They basically had to reinvent themselves since their original product based on the coffee fruit got banned in the EU this year. 
Enjoy your weekend!
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By Rupert

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