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3-Things Friday - Computer Science 101

Have a good weekend my friends! Rupert
3-Things Friday - Computer Science 101
By Rupert • Issue #36 • View online
Have a good weekend my friends! 

1. Learn to code: Harvard CS50
These days, given that we’re all addicted to information and elections get manipulated via the help of our digital lives, it’s easy to fall for articles that are bashing the Internet as a whole. While there is a lot that needs to be worked on, there is also sooo much good stuff enabled by web technologies. An example: On, you get access to the Harvard Computer Science introduction course for free including all the study material and basically everything a Harvard student would get access to while paying a lot of money. People say that this course changed their lives and made them excited about programming forever. If you want to learn programming, it has never been that easy to get started with that many amazing courses all over the Internet ( being another for instance).
2. Mental models: Hanlon’s Razor
If you want to make better decisions, a good plan is to develop a compendium of fundamental, unchanging knowledge. This is what mental models are there for. Some of these are quite well-known like Confirmation Bias (looking for data that confirms one’s beliefs) or the Pareto Principle (20% of causes are responsible for 80% of effects) while others are very useful yet rather unknown. For instance, Hanlon’s Razor can be summarized like this:  ‘Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect.’ We’re often quick in taking things personally and interpreting actions of others as ill-intentioned. Mostly, it is just out of stupidity, neglect, carelessness, etc. If you’re interested, read further by clicking here. From now on, I will post a mental model that I have recently learned every now and then.
3. Music: Rhye
Rhye may be my favorite band. I was at one of their concerts last weekend and it was just amazing. Check out their entire new album.

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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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