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3-Things Friday - Figs, Sex, Hot Chocolate

3-Things Friday - Figs, Sex, Hot Chocolate
By Rupert • Issue #17 • View online

#1 Vegans and figs
Last night as I was enjoying a couple of figs during dinner, when a friend (Hey, Emily!) asked me: “Shall I tell you a mindblowing fact about how figs grow? 🤓”  I was like: “Yeah, sure”. So here it comes (already Aristotle knew this btw): 
In order for figs to grow, they require a special way of pollination done by wasps called … fig wasps.  The female fig wasp enters the male fig (we don’t eat those) to lay its eggs. The male fig is shaped in a way to accommodate the laying of wasp eggs. The female wasp’s wings and antennae break off when entering the small passage in the fig so once it’s in, there is no way out. It’s up to the baby wasps to continue the life cycle. Male baby wasps are born without wings, because their sole purpose is to mate with the female offspring and dig a tunnel out of the fig. It’s the female offspring that make the journey out, bringing pollen with them. 
If a fig wasp enters a female fig accidentally (the ones we eat) instead of a male one, there is no room in the interior for it to reproduce. And it cannot escape, because its wings and antennae have broken off. So the wasp dies inside, which is unfortunate but necessary because that’s how it delivers the pollen producing the fruit. The fig then uses an enzyme to break down the wasp into protein. So technically you are eating a fig wasp or what was once a fig wasp.
Luckily for vegans, there are self-pollinating figs which make up to 95% of the figs sold in the US. But even if vegans eat one of the wasp-pollinated figs: Morally it does not make sense to not eat them since the entire life’s purpose of the wasp was to find a fig tree and do her thing.
#2 Podcast about sex (in German)
I often listen to a podcast called “Oh, Baby!… für besseres Sex” in which two girls talk about sex. It is funny and there is a lot to learn (for me at least lol).
#3 Band of the week: Hot Chocolate
This week I rediscovered Hot Chocolate. As a start, I recommend “I Gave You My Heart (Didn’t I)”. If you want to listen to more, try this best of album.

Have a good weekend!!
PS: If you want to get more recommendations for podcasts, my friend Lukas writes this Podcast-only newsletter:

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