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3-Things Friday - Heyyyyyyy + German Elections

Hi everyone, guess who's back! After a long summer break and due to high demand (lol), I will continu
3-Things Friday - Heyyyyyyy + German Elections
By Rupert • Issue #16 • View online
Hi everyone, guess who’s back!
After a long summer break and due to high demand (lol), I will continue sharing three things every Friday. This will still not be limited to any specific topics and is more the intersection of stuff that moves me and what I think might be interesting for you. There will always be (deep 🤥) thinking, music and podcasts. If you enjoy what you are reading, tell your friends about it. If not, then don’t tell anyone about me (also not me haha).
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German politics
Politics is complicated stuff. In a world that is transitioning from the industrial age to the information age, traditional institutions are unfit for the challenge and simply not flexible enough. We need politicians and citizens who a) try to deeply understand challenges in the 21st century and b) are willing to tell citizens the truth about it (i.e. debunking the myth of full employment). What we need in Germany is enthusiasm for what’s coming in the digital age. Yes, almost everybody has a job. Yes, the economy is booming. Yes, we are paying off our debt. But there is also a lot wrong in this country. Try getting a doctor’s appointment when it is not an emergency. Go into a hospital and talk to nurses who have been doing extra hours for years and are exhausted. Talk to teachers, whose job has been devalued over a long period of time and who many people (also politicians) regard as ‘slackers’ who have an easy job and receive government money for it. I do understand why people vote for AFD (***“oh no he didn’t say that”***). I do not personally understand it because I was lucky in my life, but I think I have enough empathy to be able to get those people who feel betrayed by the government and feel a lot of hate.
It is estimated that the majority of my generation will vote for Merkel on Sunday. Based on the living conditions of many, this is hard to understand. The internship generation will most likely not be able to afford the same living standard our parents could afford. Temporary employment contracts and global competition / cost saving are some of the reasons. We have our coping strategies. Minimalism for instance: If you cannot afford buying a house, you simply do not wish to buy a house. You make a virtue out of necessity. You can read a lot more about this here in the ZEIT (in German though). My time for ranting is up haha.
How much is an idea worth?
Really not that much. At least not compared to execution. A guy called Derek Sivers explains this simplified in $$$ (click on picture for the complete article):
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