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3-Things Friday - Life 3.0

3-Things Friday - Life 3.0
By Rupert • Issue #20 • View online

1. Life 3.0
I’m currently reading a book called ‘Life 3.0’ by the physicist Max Tegmark. It deals with what Tegmark calls the most important conversation of our time - how Artificial Intelligence changes our lives in the next decades and centuries. Life 1.0 he calls life forms, where hard- and software evolve rather than get designed (i.e. bacteria), Life 2.0 where hardware evolves but software can be designed (humans) and 3.0 where both, hard- and software,  can be designed. One could say that we are at Life 2.1 because we have things like pacemakers, prosthetics, etc..
Life 3.0 is entertaining and fascinating and therefore more accessible than other books about AI I have encountered in the past years. What I like especially about the book is the balance of potential up- and downsides compared to many people who have overwhelmingly pointed out dangers of AI in recent years.
3. Song of the week: Tash Sultana - Murder to the Mind

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