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3-Things Friday - Make optimism your filter bubble

3-Things Friday - Make optimism your filter bubble
By Rupert • Issue #30 • View online

1. Optimism, but why?
In any given situation, there are three ways of looking at the world: pessimistic, realistic, optimistic. Here comes the famous sailing metaphor: “Pessimists complain about the wind; optimists expect it to change; realists adjust the sails.” I like realism, but think in 2018 we need to be optimists because there is corrosive pessimism all around us: Politicians are liars, business leaders are greedy, climate change kills us all, superintelligent machines are going to take our jobs away, people are addicted to their devices and will soon live in virtual realities 100% of their time –> Stuff is fucked up so what’s the point in doing something about it? And so you live life as a cynic. The antidote to this is optimism and that’s why it’s necessary. I will try to have a very small share in this by sending you optimistic three things every Friday and stop the occasional rants ;) In the meantime: Adjust your filters on Facebook, Twitter & Co to see more uplifting content instead of the millionth tweet by Donald Trump you don’t really care about.
2. Podcast: Wieder aktuell? - Karl Marx
Interesting conversation about today’s relevance of Karl Marx who thought deeply about capitalism in his famous book Das Kapital. Podcast is in German though. 
Let’s get the weekend going with some Jazz. Blossom Dearie - We’re Together.
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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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