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3-Things Friday - Mother, what have we done?

Good morning, woaah - now you can read 3TF while having breakfast! (Don't get used to it...)  Have a
3-Things Friday - Mother, what have we done?
By Rupert • Issue #18 • View online
Good morning, woaah - now you can read 3TF while having breakfast! (Don’t get used to it…) 
Have a great day!! Rupert

1. Mother Nature
Storm ‘Xavier’ (where do the names for storms come from again? does someone pay real money for that? would you want a storm to be named after you?) hit Berlin and while walking through the streets of Kreuzberg, there were trees on the street that smashed cars and shit. While I was trying to withstand the strong winds, I thought: When mother nature wants to destroy you, she will destroy you. We know that we cannot win against her because we are part of her and therefore it is also not a fight. Something we collectively forget all the time by feeling separate from the world around us. As put by Alan Watts: “We do not 'come into’ this world, we come out it” (The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are). May we all wake up to that some day :) (PS: not implying any connection between climate change and this storm because… what do I know about climate change. More a general remark on how powerful nature is compared to how weak we are. There are many storms though these days.. just sayin’) 
2. Podcast: The One You Feed - Tim Urban (Wait But Why)
Wait Buy Why is one of the most popular blogs on the Internet, in which the writer & illustrator Tim Urban goes very deep on any topic he finds interesting. The podcast episode is a great start into his work and you might learn something about the basics of the human experience. [Podcast Link]
3. Music: Oscar Peterson
My grandfather is a big Oscar Peterson fan and so I got introduced to his music when I was young. Peterson was a crazy good Jazz Pianist and luckily there are dozens of live shows on YouTube. When watching this one, it was not only the music that moved me. I was thinking: Woaaah, this guy is so in the moment and content with himself. Certainly, his rounded character is portrayed in the way he is able to play the piano. Watching this made me calmer and feel at ease :) [YouTube Link]
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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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