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3-Things Friday - Political Engagement

How to become politically engaged?It ain't easy to stay calm when following the news these days. Besi
3-Things Friday - Political Engagement
By Rupert • Issue #13 • View online
How to become politically engaged?
It ain’t easy to stay calm when following the news these days. Besides the obvious damage that is done to the world by the unparalleled incompetence of the new US government, there are all sorts of people exploiting the anger and frustration of supporters as well as adversaries of nationalist tendencies. If there is a positive outcome to all of this, it’s the gradual realization that things can’t be taken for granted and that our appreciated world order seems to be way more fragile than we would have ever expected. Personally, I still feel the strong inclination to just withdraw from it all and let ‘them’ handle things. I wouldn’t know any other way since my entire generation has been mostly brought up in an apolitical environment in which there was seemingly nothing to improve. We simply don’t know how to be responsible citizens in a democracy. Our understanding of political involvement ends with the vote that we cast every few years. Most of us sense the feeling that this lazy approach to the system we all are dependent on will have to change to mutually build a future we would like to see. We need to come together and dedicate a portion of our time to political involvement. Sadly and definitely due to my ignorance, I have a hard time finding ways of (effective) political engagement. During the next weeks, I am planning to gather all sorts of ways of how to be a good citizen. So I’m asking you: How to become politically engaged?

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