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3-Things Friday - Relax & Eat real food

3-Things Friday - Relax & Eat real food
By Rupert • Issue #23 • View online

1. Read: Relax, You Don’t Need to ‘Eat Clean’
This is an opinion piece in the New York Times about how people get more and more afraid when it comes to food. The author’s opinion is summed up in the headline: Relax. I disagree: While I think there is no point in being afraid of food and condemning certain types of food without clear evidence (like me staying away from gluten ;)), I think this is a rather stupid article that leaves out the most important fact: The standard diet for too many people in Western countries is not beneficial to their health and heavily influenced by marketing and big corporations who don’t give a damn about healthy products. I once read that we know as much about nutrition as we did about surgery in 17th century. It’s just really complicated and a million factors are involved. So the opinion of the article’s author is comparable to statements about cigarette consumption in 1960: “One cigarette per day is fine, don’t worry and just relax.” What everybody can do when it comes to eating, is apply common sense: “Eat food [aka real food]. Not too much. Mostly plants.” (not by me, but a guy called Michael Pollan)
2. Podcast: How do you sleep at night? - Mr. Tobacco
It’s interesting to see someone arguing for working for a big tobacco company. He doesn’t really make sense though.

Have a great weekend!
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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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