3-Things Friday - Stay happy

1. Stay happyIt's no news that happiness is the most obvious indicator of subjective well-being. It i
3-Things Friday - Stay happy
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1. Stay happy
It’s no news that happiness is the most obvious indicator of subjective well-being. It is also one of the best antidotes against the political ludicrousness we’re seeing in many Western countries. What do many Trump supporters, voters and the Trump administration itself have in common? They’re unhappy. Trump and his allies are a mirror for the rage and frustration many people face in their daily lives. The same can of course be argued for many others (left & right). Trump is just the most obvious example at the moment.
So if you’re interested in receiving the most effective vaccination against ever being attracted to those who let their actions be guided by hate: Design your life in order to stay happy!
2. Podcast: How I Built This
Nothing more interesting in the world of startups than stories about founders in their early days. For half a year now, NPR produces How I Built This, which features some of the most successful founders across many industries (read: not only Tech Startups). Episode recommendation: Interview with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia (did I mention I like him? ;))
3. If you’re into Jazz…
Ezra Collective - Chapter 7 (feat. Ty)
Have a great weekend, all,


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