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3-Things Friday - "Stop shrugging"

Hi everyone, a lot has been written about what's happening to the world these days. It's very confusi
3-Things Friday - "Stop shrugging"
By Rupert • Issue #7 • View online
Hi everyone,
a lot has been written about what’s happening to the world these days. It’s very confusing and stuff is pretty messed up. Trump as President of the United States says not only a lot about the US but about liberal democracies in general. We can focus all we want on Donald Trump the person (and mainstream media almost always does), but should focus on the people who voted for him despite all his flaws. There are many people who have questions that only get answered in ways of discrimination and hatred. Many of us simply look away or are not interested at all.
As a generation we more and more feel the huge responsibility that lies on our shoulders and that we didn’t prepare for. We have that responsibility for next and previous (!) generations. Personally, that responsibility feels overwhelming, not real and very heavy.
We will have to (re)learn a lot about what it means to be emancipated and sincere citizens. We got to learn how to be engaged in open and honest discourses while not losing lightness in dealing with everyday life. “Not to take things so seriously” has often been the best advice that we were giving each other. I believe that life needs to be taken seriously while we remain capable of enjoying every moment of it. “Why do you care?” is another advice that gets handed out - often by cynics. There is a reason why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is such a popular emoji these days :)
Let’s help each other to discover how to take our fragile democracies seriously and how to actually care while enjoying the process.
Have a relaxing weekend,
PS: Some of you have protested regarding the lack of Podcast episodes in the previous letters. Please find two at a time this week!

TED Talk - Robert Thurman: We can be Buddhas (Video; 12 Min)
I have watched this video many times in the last years. It is a reminder of how important compassion is on an individual level and I like Robert Thurman (Uma Thurman’s dad) for his ability to teach buddhism with humour.
Freakonomics Radio - Trust Me (Podcast; 28 Min)
How to create social trust?
Sam Harris - The Most Powerful Clown (Podcast; 30 Min)
Sam Harris is a voice of reason and only speaks out when he feels competent to do so. This is his take on Trump as President.
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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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