3-Things Friday - Tim Ferriss

Hi everyone,hope you had a great week :)) Tim Ferriss has a new book out, so it's no surprise that he
3-Things Friday - Tim Ferriss
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Hi everyone,
hope you had a great week :)) 
Tim Ferriss has a new book out, so it’s no surprise that he is featured on every podcast and every blog that I follow. He has always been a bit too geeky, too analytical and too self-centered for my taste, but nonetheless I value a lot of his ideas and content. He seems to get more “real” and a lot deeper with his stuff since he is openly talking about his suicide attempt years ago and since he has made overcoming fear a central theme of his work. One of his quotes from the Design Matters podcast below:
It’s very hard to achieve goals if you have the emergency brake on, and the emergency brake is fear.
I think it is a cool ideas to dissect the techniques of world-class masters across many genres as he did in his new book Tools of Titans. In one of the reviews it even gets called “the operating system for success, happiness and health”. As always in the self-help genre: In the end you need to follow the instructions and turn them into habits. Reading the book might be a good start but no a solution in itself. I think I will write about our generation’s self-help-book-addiction some day.
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Wishing you a great weekend,

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