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3-Things Friday - Time

3-Things Friday - Time
By Rupert • Issue #19 • View online

1. Time
I’m almost 30 and this is the time when one apparently starts to think more about time. What I think is true: Complaining about ‘a lack of time’ or 'how fast time goes by’ is nonsensical since time is given to us. I suppose that is why humankind has always tried to find ways of changing one’s perception of time from 'all that matters is the present moment’ to 'what matters is to behave well and finally you will enter heaven’ to displaying skulls in homes or putting death clocks as the desktop background. Tim Urban from Wait But Why has written a cool article about this some time ago: The Tail End. The basic idea: The most important thing in life is spending time with people you love. Those events tend to be unevenly distributed over time due to where you live and what your priorities are: When you’re 18 you have already spent about 90% or more of the time with your parents. The same goes for sibblings, old friends, … 
What to do with this? 1. Living in the same place matters. 2. Priorities matter 3. Quality time matters :)
3. Music: Fujitsu - Corals
A great album for slow mornings. It’s pretty short (5 songs in 10 minutes) - just play it on repeat. The songs sound pretty similar, so you don’t really realize for the first three rounds ;) 

Have a great weekend my friends,
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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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