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3-Things Friday - Water Kefir, Generation Burnout, Tory y Moi

3-Things Friday - Water Kefir, Generation Burnout, Tory y Moi
By Rupert • Issue #46 • View online

ROY Water Kefir
ROY Water Kefir
Water Kefir
This week we started selling ROY Water Kefir in a restaurant in Berlin Mitte (HERMANN’S). While the product and the brand is still far away from what we want it to be, it feels good to see people buying it who don’t have any link to the us, the people behind it. I guess it’s good to be a little bit embarrassed about the first version. Over the next 2-3 months we have planned a lot of product and brand development. The goal is to develop a brand that sells probiotic products as well as educates people on the importance of gut health, one of the most crucial elements for well-being. Very exciting times ahead! :)
Generation Burnout
A few days ago I read an interesting article called “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation”. The author describes at length how we become burned out by trying to “optimize” our lives. One paragraph resonated with me quite well: “You don’t fix burnout by going on vacation. You don’t fix it through “life hacks,” like inbox zero, or by using a meditation app for five minutes in the morning, or doing Sunday meal prep for the entire family, or starting a bullet journal.” These are all things I have tried in my life at some point! In a constant search for solutions to optimize life, we are often scratching the surface without addressing underlying, more fundamental issues. Often we are moving further away from what’s good for us. We are forgetting that life isn’t about optimizing, but about living. So next time you have the feeling that you need to change something in your life to feel better about yourself, think again. Maybe, things are just fine.
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