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3-Things Friday - WerkWerkWerk

3-Things Friday - WerkWerkWerk
By Rupert • Issue #24 • View online

1. The Eudaimonia Machine
Everybody who had to work in a coworking space at some point, knows the following: It’s very hard to get real work done and it’s even harder for procrastinators like me. At my last company, we (like 80% of all offices) had an open floor plan (aka ‘one big room’) and I felt bad for wishing to just have an office by myself like in the old days (before you ask: Yes, I really liked my coworkers). Now I know that I wasn’t alone and there is a lot of research coming out on the negative effects of open office layouts. The concept of the Eudaimonia Machine is an architectural answer to the problem and gets explained in the book 'Deep Work’ by Cal Newport in detail (book summary). In a nutshell: In the Eudaimonia (Greek: human flourishing 🤓) Machine, there are five spaces that get progressively more focused on concentrated work so you have different rooms for different levels of productivity and tasks at hand. This medium article tells you all about it if you want to read more.
2. The Mindfulness Test
In case you wonder how mindful you are, take this test. I’m moderate (71/100).
Schönes Wochenende,
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By Rupert

Three things to make your life a little bit better, just in time for the weekend.

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