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3-Things Friday - Working with Scientists, Careful Decisions, Worte der Weisheit

3-Things Friday - Working with Scientists, Careful Decisions, Worte der Weisheit
By Rupert • Issue #45 • View online

Working with scientists
We are attracted to people that are like us. In the Myers-Briggs type indicator test I consistently score as ENFP, so it comes as no surprise that many of my friends score as ENFP as well. Besides personality types, the same goes for the level of education as well as our appearance. Intuitively it makes a lot of sense: It’s easier to predict somebody else’s behavior if they are like you. That mostly counts for our private life, where we choose our friends and partners to a high extent.
In our professional life, we often can’t choose who we are interacting with — there is a great need for a variety of positions in any company and project and often we are forced to work (and get along) with people. With different backgrounds, different personality types and backgrounds clash in our work environments.
I am making this experience right now as we are developing a Water Kefir beverage with microbiologists in a Berlin-based institute. It’s just very difficult to speak the same language. While we are interested in having a final product as soon as possible, the researchers are interested in following a clear, scientific process (even if that means things take a lot longer). We are results-focused, they are process-focused.
How to change that? I think the main point is clear communication. While communicating well is key in every situation in life, here it involves knowing the scientific language as well. You have to know a lot about any given subject yourself. In my case, it would be impossible to have a common understanding about what needs to happen next without me knowing about the basics of microbiology myself.
I think the same counts for the digital space as well. If you are working with developers, it makes a lot of sense to know some programming yourself. You have to have some understanding of what the development process looks like. Otherwise it’s just very hard to know which results you can expect from the development.
Careful decisions
I finished watching the first season of Dogs of Berlin. Though I think it’s a pretty bad show, I watched it until the end 🤔The moral of this story: Be very careful with what you start watching!!
Worte der Weisheit (only in German)
Worte der Weisheit (words of wisdom) is a daily newsletter that gives you life advice from ancient philosophers. It’s really cool and I read it most of my mornings.
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